Saucer - White Clay
Saucer - White Clay
Saucer - White Clay
Saucer - White Clay

Saucer - White Clay

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Description: The saucer has been an important implement over history in the tradition of tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. Made to hold a cup, either on a table or in someone's hands, it has kept wood unmarked and fingers protected for centuries. The saucer can catch drips from the cup, cradle a stir-spoon, and makes space for a tea biscuit (or two). Whether you are refined in your tea consumption or not, the saucer acts as an elegant protector for you, your clothing and your furniture.

White stoneware clay is incised with one of Margit’s circle designs. Painted with White glaze and accented with either a Dark Blue or Green glaze.

Dishwasher Safe. No Microwave.

Uses: Meant to hold your favourite teacup, be it a matcha bowl, a yunomi, a handled cup or a mug. Excellent as a small dish for your tea strainer or stir spoon. Perfect for cookies or other favourite small tea accompaniments. Can also be used to serve jams, mustards, or other condiments.

Material: White stoneware clay, White Glaze, Dark Blue or Green glaze Accents

Every piece is individual, and may vary slightly by width, height, and capacity. All measurements are approximate.

Size (approximate):
Height : 2 cm
Diameter : 12 cm

Hand-crafted ceramic teaware is the perfect way to honour and enhance your enjoyment of tea. Each piece is unique and draws upon Margit's love of tea and nature. More writeup to come...

This would be common to all ceramic products.

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