Culinary Tea

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Origin: Published by Running Press, Philadelphia, US

Author(s): Cynthia Gold, Lisë Stern

Description: This cookbook starts with an overview of tea as a food ingredient, but also as a drink. Once this understanding of the ingredient, its food pairings and its variety of tastes has been explored, the cookbook moves into a collection of mouth-watering recipes.

Sweet or savoury, traditional or new, smoky or smooth - this book ventures into it all. Nilgiri Style Texas Chili, Earl Grey Zebra Cookies, Rhubarb Jasmine Tea Sorbet, Darjeeling and Pear Sangria, Salmon in Black Tea Coconut Sauce… Gold and Stern roped us in with the concept alone, and they sure don’t disappoint.

This cookbook makes a great gift for cooks at any level. The dishes are versatile, excellent for a family meal to a fancy dinner event. Tea is overlooked in its culinary capacity and is often a new ingredient for even the seasoned chef - we think it deserves the curiosity and exploration, both on the plate and in the cup.  

Quote: Culinary Tea is all about cooking with tea - bringing this remarkably versatile, healthful, and flavourful ingredient into modern kitchens. We offer fresh ways of cooking with tea, approaching it from way outside the cup, as it were - by drawing on classic ways of cooking with tea, such as the centuries-old Chinese Tea-Marbled Eggs, as well as developing new recipes using innovative approaches in the techniques employed and the flavors and textures achieved, such as Tea-Rubbed Short Ribs with Smoky Barbecue Sauce or Assam Shortbread Diamonds.” - Gold & Stern

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