2022 Westholme Tea Advent(ure) Calendar
2022 Westholme Tea Advent(ure) Calendar
2022 Westholme Tea Advent(ure) Calendar
2022 Westholme Tea Advent(ure) Calendar
2022 Westholme Tea Advent(ure) Calendar

2022 Westholme Tea Advent(ure) Calendar

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A Journey Around the World of Tea...

Description: A beloved Westholme Tradition, the 24-day Tea Advent Calendar is returning for our 2022 Winter season!

* All advents (along with any additional items included in the same order) will begin shipping in November *

This is truly the perfect holiday gift for the Tea Lover (or lovers) in your life - an excellent choice for an individual or a whole household to explore. Travel a world of warmth and comfort from your home with a high-quality organic tea or tisane each day of advent (and enough to last well beyond). A chance to discover different traditions from tea-growing countries around the globe: through different tastes, aromas, textures, colours and a beautiful booklet to guide you through the world of tea. A truly unique tea experience.

We’ve put a lot of work into curating our Advent Calendar’s tea and tisane selection, to appeal to everyone from the casual tea drinker to the well-travelled tea geek. While we want to keep the contents a surprise, we CAN tell you that this advent contains everything from our favourite high-quality house recipe blends, to exquisite limited-harvest rare imported pure teas, AND a little something from the slopes of our own property to bring your tea advent(ure) full circle...

Contents: The exact teas and order are a surprise! No peeking!

However, we can tell you that each day will bring you one of an exquisite selection of our favourite white, black, green, pu-erh, and oolong teas are all accounted for, as well as a selection of soothing herbals.

1 x Tea Accessory

1 x Advent Booklet

23 x Tins of Loose-Leaf Tea + Tisanes!

Each artisanal loose-leaf tea and tisane is packed into a beautiful reusable small gold tins and then placed inside individual hand-stamped kraft boxes. Each tin contains 12 - 30 grams of tea, depending on the tea’s volume and density. At the industry standard of 2 grams per cup, this is enough tea for 6 to 10 cups, or two generous teapots full inside each box. That means this advent contains over 365 cups of tea for you, plus many more re-steeps (for closer to 500 cups total) that you can share with the whole family or have enough tea to revisit a favourite find several times over the new year. 

Each Advent comes with a beautiful booklet to guide you through each day of Advent. This contains gorgeous photographs of the included teas, with detailed descriptions and tasting notes for each, plus brewing instructions, places to write down your own tasting notes and favourites, and educational snippets. Also full of some fun winter recipes inspired by tea!

How to Use: Decorate with your Advent! We made sure the teas looked as lovely as they taste - so put your calendar somewhere you and your household can see it. You can arrange the boxes into fun stacked shapes, put them in your Christmas tree or around the house for a daily Advent tea hunt, or keep it in the box. Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Each day of advent (December 1 - 24), open the corresponding gold-numbered kraft box, and remove your tin of tea or tisane for the day! Follow the steeping instructions in your advent booklet, find your favourite teacup, and enjoy. Each small tin has enough tea for several cups, or for a generous pot or two of tea (depending on the size of your teapot).

There is a section in your Advent Booklet to write down tasting notes if you wish, or to write down you and/or your household’s favourite teas during the Advent.

When Advent Ends: When you’ve finished your copious amount of tea and tisane, all containers and boxes are recyclable. However, we encourage you to peel off the labels and reuse the tins and boxes! They are excellent for storing and organizing from jewellery to crafting materials to kitchen spices, or as gift containers for your family and friends next year. You can also use them as your daily travel tea tins to bring with you into the world. If storing more tea or food in the tins, be sure that they are completely dry! We suggest wiping the tins out with a clean, dry piece of cloth or paper towel instead of washing, as water can get trapped in the seams.

The organic teas we import are artisanally farmed and crafted. They may change with each harvest season. The same tea harvested at a different time of year and processed by a different tea maker will vary slightly in flavour and finish.

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