Tri-Pouch Taster
Tri-Pouch Taster
Tri-Pouch Taster
Tri-Pouch Taster
Tri-Pouch Taster

Tri-Pouch Taster

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Style: Tri-pouch Taster Gift Set 

Ingredients: Pure teas and Westholme blended Teas (product dependent) 

Description: These Tri-Pouch Tasters are an excellent, curated starting point for you or a loved one to get into the world of tea, or dipping your toes in to try a few teas or tisanes that you're curious about. Each comes with three pre-selected organic teas or tisanes that we think you'll love, organized by tea-type: Black, Green, Herbal, or Comprehensive (one from each category). The teas are all packaged and labelled in our hand-stamped trial pouches and attached together with paper ribbon; they make for wonderful, affordable and delicious gifts for any occasion. 

Each pouch contains between 10 - 18 grams of loose tea (or approximately 1/4 cup). For most of our teas and tisanes, we suggest 2 g of loose tea / cup of water, so a trial pouch will get you around 5 - 8 cups of tea (or a generous pot or two of tea to share). The perfect amount of tea to experiment with!

Choose one of the Tri-Pouch Taster Sets from below:

Black Tea Tri-Pouch Taster 

- Assam Breakfast

- Classic Earl

- Masala Chai

Green Tea Tri-Pouch Taster

- Jasmine Superior

- Green Dragon

- Genmaicha Japan

Herbal Tisane Tri-Pouch Taster

- Rooibos Chai

- Minty Nettle

- Rest

Comprehensive Tri-Pouch Taster (1x black, 1x green, 1x herbal)

- Cowichan Breakfast - black

- Blossom - green

- Mysteaque - herbal


All Teas and Tisanes are Certified Organic

The organic teas we import are artisanally farmed and crafted. They may change with each harvest season. The same tea harvested at a different time of year and processed by a different tea maker will vary slightly in flavour and finish.

Please give us a call: +1-855-748-3811 (toll free)
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