Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring)

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Origin: Jiangsu Province, China

Description: Jiangsu, while mostly flat and subtropical, boasts lush tea growing regions around the abundant lakes and rivers throughout the province. This is especially true of the Dongting region near Taihu Lake, where the province’s famous Bi Luo Chun tea is still harvested today. Bi Luo Chun directly translates to ‘Green Snail Spring’. Named by the Kangxi Emperor for the look of the tea, it is processed in the springtime (Chun) and rolled into small, tight spirals. Bi Luo Chun grew in popularity during the Ming Dynasty, and is now among China’s top-ten famous teas.

Tasting Notes: A delicate green liquor and a gentle hint of fruit make this an exquisite cup. The aroma is truly elegant - soft, floral dew on a fresh bouquet - and is reminiscent of some Oolong teas in the smooth, soft character of the scent and the palate.

Brewing Instructions: 2g per cup. 90ºC water. steep 1 - 3 minutes. Re-steep.


Tea cultivation and processing originated in China about 5,000 years ago, and while they carry on a rich and ancient tradition of producing high-quality teas of all styles, their green varieties are truly beyond comparison. The flavour profiles, aromas, and processing techniques from each tea-growing region vary tremendously. Some become silky and smooth, while some become powerful and astringent. Whether for casual daily drinking, or for special moments of ceremony and contemplation, Chinese green teas truly nurture the soul.
The organic teas we import are artisanally farmed and crafted. They may change with each harvest season. The same tea harvested at a different time of year and processed by a different tea maker will vary slightly in flavour and finish.

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