Creamer & Sugar Bowl - White Stoneware with Incised Design and White Glaze

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Drawing inspiration from thousands of years of tea history, this ceramic piece was created with great care and the every-day tea lover in mind. From carefully formed teapots, to asymmetrical yunomi cups, extra large mugs and diminutive oolong sipping cups, the ceramics are all crafted to enhance your tea ritual.

 Margit works in stoneware and fires in electric kilns to 1260º Celsius. Her work is durable and functional and will happily embellish your daily life for years to come when handled with care. The cups can withstand boiling water, rinsing and scrubbing.

The sugar bowl measures 16X10cm and the creamer 12X8cm. The set is hand coiled in white stoneware with white glaze and incised design. 

Dishwasher Safe. No Microwave.

Hand-crafted ceramic teaware is the perfect way to honour and enhance your enjoyment of tea. Each piece is unique and draws upon Margit's love of tea and nature. More writeup to come...

This would be common to all ceramic products.

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