Footed Gourd Cups - Medium - Dark Clay

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Description: This tea cup shape is based on the hollowed gourd vessels traditionally used to drink Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis). This plant, native to subtropical Paraguay, is related to the holly family. The word Yerba has a more complex definition, but is roughly translated to herb in English. The vessel used for Yerba, traditionally a cured, hollow gourd, is known as the mate

White stoneware clay is incised with one of Margit’s unique designs. The gourd cup is painted and/or accented with a glaze. These gourd cups are are handle-less. Find gourd cups with handles in white clay here and in dark clay here.

Dishwasher Safe. No Microwave.

UsesThe roundness of the cup's belly allows it to hold a generous amount of any of your favourite beverages. It lends itself especially well to Yerba (of course), as well as matcha, any of your favourite teas or tisanes, tea lattes, and iced teas.

Material: Stoneware clay, food safe glazes

Every piece is individual, and may vary by size and capacity. All measurements are approximate.

Size (approximate):
Height : 7 - 9 cm
Width : 9 cm

Capacity (approximate):
Cups : 1 cup
Milliliters : 240 ml
Ounces : 8 fl oz

Hand-crafted ceramic teaware is the perfect way to honour and enhance your enjoyment of tea. Each piece is unique and draws upon Margit's love of tea and nature. More writeup to come...

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