Mug - White Clay with Green Glaze Accents

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Description: The size of this versatile, handled cup is inspired by the conventional tea and coffee drinking traditions common in the West, especially England and North America. This cup holds the perfect amount of tea and has just enough room for a spot of milk and honey, if you prefer. It can be used for all tea types, but is more commonly used for black teas and herbal tisanes which require 100°C water to steep – the handle will save your fingers from getting burned. The cup is functional, great for everyday use, and manages to be simultaneously elegant and adorable.

White stoneware clay is incised with one of Margit's unique designs. The cup is painted with white glaze and accented with a dark blue glaze.

Dishwasher Safe. No Microwave.

Uses: Excellent for any hot tea, but best suited to black teas or herbal tisanes. Also great for tea lattés (like Chai or London Fog), various styles of coffee, hot cocoa, or hot apple cider.

Material: White stoneware clay, White glaze, Dark Blue glaze Accents

Every piece is individual, and may vary slightly by width, height, and capacity. All measurements are approximate.

Size (approximate): 
Height : 7 - 9 cm 
Width : 7 cm

Capacity (approximate): 
Cups : 1 - 1.5 cups
Ounces : 8  - 12 fl oz 

Hand-crafted ceramic teaware is the perfect way to honour and enhance your enjoyment of tea. Each piece is unique and draws upon Margit's love of tea and nature. More writeup to come...

This would be common to all ceramic products.

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