Bombilla: ECOTEAS Tea Straw

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Description: Bombilla is the Spanish name for a traditional filtering straw used to drinking loose-leaf Yerba Mate. In recent years, however, the multi-functionality of this straw has found its way into the rest of the tea world. With an easily cleanable filter at the bottom, this reusable, stainless steel straw is excellent for drinking any loose-leaf tea, fruit and/or herb infused water, Yerba mate, etc straight from the container of your choosing. Can be used with hot or cold beverages. 

Origin: Argentina

Material: Stainless Steel


- Stainless Steel design is highly resistant to Rust and easy to sanitize

- Easily cleanable filter is attached to the straw - no pieces will go missing

- Usable (and re-usable) with Hot and Cold beverages

- Great for use at home or On-The-Go

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