About White Teas

White tea is unique in the tea world for its lack of processing. Barely oxidized, white tea is made either from the young, supple bud of the tea plant on its own, or accompanying the first leaf just below, and is dried flat. There is no rolling, bruising, roasting, baking, frying or breaking up of the leaves involved. The oils and fine silky tips of the young buds are delicate and require skillful plucking and storing to minimize any bruising that may occur on the leaf, leading to more oxidizing than necessary for white tea processing and affecting the quality of the harvest.

Considered the oldest-known type of tea in the world, and often put aside for the Emperors and royalty alone, white tea has begun to gain international popularity in the fine tea market due to its flavour and health benefits. Enjoy the luxurious delicacy and gentle sweetness that this fine tea type is known for – It is truly a divine treat for the palate.