FELLOW CARTER - Raven Stovetop Kettle

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Description: The Fellow Raven Stovetop kettle with combined tea steeper and thermometer allows you to make the perfect cup of tea in one vessel. The kettle is eye-catching and elegant and makes a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. The integrated steep-range thermometer allows you to perfectly steep any green/ white, oolong or black tea. The addition of the steeper simplifies the process by allowing heating and steeping in the same vessel and saves time and cleanup. 


  • Gas and electric range compatible


  • Stainless steel body


  • Silicone lid is food and dishwasher safe 

Material:  Stainless steel body, Silicone lid



Height: 15cm

Width: 13cm


Capacity: 1.0 Litre boiling capacity

Note: Placing product on rough or unclean surfaces will wear the bottom of the kettle. This is normal wear and does not affect functionality. Wash with care.


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