Moroccan Tea Service
Moroccan Tea Service
Moroccan Tea Service
Moroccan Tea Service

Moroccan Tea Service

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Experience Moroccan tea culture right here in the Cowichan Valley with an authentic tea service and treat for the senses. Join us at 3pm every Wednesday this summer!

Fresh sprigs of spearmint, the delicate perfume of green tea, and traditional sweets will be part of your tea experience.

Tea was introduced to North Africa by the British and the Dutch in the 18th century. Initially, it was a beverage reserved for the privileged but by the 19th century the beverage was fully adopted into the rich socio-cultural fabrics of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania and especially Morocco – known for the famous Moroccan Mint Tea.

We will share with you our Moroccan Mint tea blend consisting of green gunpowder tea, freshly picked spearmint, a bit of sugar and centuries of tradition. Witness the long skinny spout of the traditional hand-hammered silver Moroccan teapot offering a dramatic pour into trays of tall, slim glasses. 

This aromatic and sweet tea is enjoyed hot year-round, even in the Desert, as the customary way to welcome guests. There is little hurry to do much of anything in Morocco until after tea is served. The appropriate time for tea is simply whenever the occasion calls for a cup of tea - often several times through the day.

Even in the humblest of places, Moroccan tea service involves intricate brewing methods passed down over time. We invite you to the Westholme Tea Garden for a colourful journey to North Africa, where tea is an expression of conviviality and hospitality.

  • Each event will run approximately 1 hour
  • Take home a sample of our Moroccan blend to recreate your own tea experience at home!
  • Each individual guest must pre-book their cushion (there is also bench seating)! We have the capacity to serve up to 8 guests per sitting.
  • Please wear appropriate attire for walking on the tea garden slopes, and sitting comfortably. Please alert us in advance if you have any accessibility needs or require certain accommodations.
  • This event is better suited for children over the age of 10
Please contact us at if you have any questions.
We are looking forward to sharing tea with you!

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