Grosche MADRID 4-in-1 Tea Brewing Press

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The Grosche MADRID 4-in-1 brewing system includes everything you need for a good pot of tea (hot or cold): a stainless steel plunger, a stainless steel infuser, and an easy-to-swap-out lid. It features a fine chrome housing and a premium quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker. The large 1500 ml capacity means you can make tea for the whole family.

This is an excellent loose-leaf tea maker. Simply add your favourite tea to the stainless steel infuser and pour boiling water over the leaves. Follow the steeping instructions for your the tea and remove the infuser when it has reached the desired strength. Serve hot, or refrigerate and serve cool for a refreshing iced tea. 

Origin: Canada



  • 100% borosilicate glass beaker is safe for hot liquids and flavour-neutral


  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can easily adapt to both tea and coffee drinkers in your household


  • Stainless steel infuser + Lid


  • Stainless steel plunger + Lid

Capacity: 1500ml, or 6 cups

Dimensions: height - 19.50cm

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