The Herbal Advent Calendar 2019
The Herbal Advent Calendar 2019

The Herbal Advent Calendar 2019

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A caffeine free exploration into the tasteful, healing and magical world of tisanes.

Revel in a myriad of flavours and wellness with blends that will uplift your spirit, help put you to sleep and spice up your winter days.

At Westholme Tea Company, we take tea, tisanes and taste seriously. Combining different herbs, flowers and spices to create a new recipe is much like creating a special meal. The right amount of various ingredients will result in a whole new flavour profile. Straight from a garden to the blending room, pure and full of aroma like nature intended it, we create authentic and memorable experiences. We take pride in sourcing traditional, handcrafted, high quality teas, herbs and spices from around the world to offer the finest organic blended teas and tisanes you will find anywhere.

Well over 300 cups of herbal infusions are yours to enjoy and share. Each Advent Calendar is exquisitely packaged, decorated and ready to hang for display.

Includes a perfect tea measure spoon. The Advent also includes a pack of 100 tea filters, OR a stainless steel strainer (please specify your preference in the comment section when checking out).

These limited production Advent Calendars will ship beginning November 5.

Pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment