The Life Of Tea : A Journey to the World's Finest Teas

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Origin: Published by Mitchell Beazley, England, UK

Author(s): Michael Freeman, Timothy d’Offay

Description: Mitchell Beazley Publishers specializes in reference books, atlases and texts concerning natural history, and it shows in this beautiful book. Coupled with the incredible photography of Michael Freeman, the pages contain a meditative journey across the tea making world and its rich history, from the earth where it grows to the cultures that it continues to form.

Explore monasteries in China where monks continue plucking and processing tea the way they have for thousands of years, or to Japan to visit the kilns where ceramic tea ware has been perfected for an exquisite cup. Learn about the tea growing mountains in Assam, and their drinking customs, or how the failed coffee industry in 1870’s Sri Lanka lead to the country becoming one of the world’s major tea growers and exporters. You do not have to read to be able to enjoy this book! Photographs on every page lead you across borders, over tea hills, and into the homes of people who have dedicated their lives and livelihood to the plant.

A wonderful coffee (or should we say tea?) table book that is beautiful to look at and a real adventure to read. A special addition to anyone’s book collection.

Quote: “Tea is now being sourced, served and appreciated with as much connoisseurship as fine wine. The wine concept of terroir - the soil, climate and other local conditions that give each wine its character - applies every bit as much to fine tea, in which connoisseurs enjoy reaching back through the cup to the land where the leaf grew.” - Michael Freeman

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