The Tea Lover Advent Calendar 2019
The Tea Lover Advent Calendar 2019

The Tea Lover Advent Calendar 2019

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 Travel the World of Tea with our gorgeous TEA LOVER ADVENT CALENDAR. This exquisite tea adventure takes you to select tea estates and invites you to sample teas from some of the most celebrated tea growing regions of the world. Join us on this 24-day tasting journey of the finest organic loose leaf teas and our hand crafted artisan tea blends.

Your diverse selection includes herbal infusions, black, green, white, mate, oolong, puehr, and matcha.

This year’s offering features one of our exclusive seasonal farm grown Canadian teas, making it the most sought after Advent Calendar gift anywhere.

Over 365 cups of tea are yours to enjoy and share. The teas are exquisitely packaged, decorated and ready to hang for display.

Includes a perfect tea measure spoon. The Advent also includes a pack of 100 tea filters, OR a stainless steel strainer. Let us know your choice in the Order Note section in your Cart.