The Ultimate Tea Advent Calendar Experience 2019
The Ultimate Tea Advent Calendar Experience 2019

The Ultimate Tea Advent Calendar Experience 2019

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We have put together the most complete gift for the tea lover in your family and circle of friends. This complete tea experience offers absolutely everything you will need to savour, explore and enjoy the amazing and vast World of Tea. From tools and accessories to unique and flavourful teas, to handbuilt teaware, culinary delights, more tea and yet again more tea, you are set to steep, discover and relish in tea history and immerse yourself in a myriad of traditions, fragrances, sips, aromas and delights.

Glass Tea Maker

Ceramic cup – Yunomi

Paris Tea Cup Strainer

Perfect Tea Spoon

Mad Hatter – Small Tin

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls - Small Tin 

Honey – Mellifera

Cream of Assam – Small Tin

Tea Filter # 2

Crimson – Small Tin

Ceramic Mug

Chai Pouch Gift Set – Masala Chai, Green Chai & Golden Chai

Ceramic Saucer

Matcha Spoon

Salt Spring Kitchen Co. Jar of Jam

Oolong Pouch Gift Set – Hairy Crab (Mao Xie), Nai Xiang Milk Oolong, Breast Flower Fragrance (Ru Hua Xiang)

Ceramic Matcha Bowl

Matcha Whisk

Izu Matcha – Small Tin

Candles – Travel Tin Tealights

Herbal Pouch Gift Set – Mysteaque, Warm Sun, Honeybun

Earl Grey Pouch Gift Set – Classic Earl, Black Lavender, Black Orange

Fujian Golden Needles – Small Tin

Winter Harvest Farm Grown Canadian Tea


Beautifully packaged with seasonal greenery, love and care.

Shipments begin the first week in November.