Westholme Essentials Gift Set

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Description: This set is excellent for a newcomer to tea, and would also suit a long time tea drinker who is stepping into the world of high quality loose-leaf.

We often receive questions in our Teashop such as "What are your bestselling teas?" or "I am looking for a gift - what would you recommend?" Thus, this gift set is our response: we have brought together some of our bestsellers as well as teas we believe to be staples. Be prepared to serve any tea lover who stops by for a visit! Or share the love of tea with a tea curious friend.

We have designed this set with the intention to provide an entry level introduction to loose-leaf tea as well as to Westholme Tea Company by combining the very best essentials.

Contents: Each gift pouch contains teas enough tea for 5 - 20 cups of tea (or several pots of tea to share). This is based on the industry standard of using 2g (1 teaspoon) of loose tea per cup (250mL) of water. Each gift pouch contains between 10 - 25 grams of loose tea depending on the weight and density of the blended teas, herbs and spices. A loose-leaf tea strainer that fits most conventional mugs makes steeping simple yet versatile.

  • 1x Gift Pouch of Island Breakfast - Black Blend
  • 1x Gift Pouch of Masala Chai - Black Blend 
  • 1x Gift Pouch of Classic Earl - Black Blend
  • 1x  Gift Pouch of Green Dragon - Green Tea Blend
  • 1x Gift Pouch of Mysteaque - Herbal Blend
  • 1x Gift Pouch of Rest Herbal Blend
  • 1x Stainless Steel Wide Brim Tea Cup Strainer

The organic teas we import are artisanally farmed and crafted. They may change with each harvest season. The same tea harvested at a different time of year and processed by a different tea maker will vary slightly in flavour and finish.

Please give us a call: +1-855-748-3811 (toll free)
or send us an email: hello@westholmetea.com

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