TEA OF THE WEEK :: Rooibos Earl (Our New Tisane!)

TEA OF THE WEEK :: Rooibos Earl (Our New Tisane!)
Enjoy 10% savings on Rooibos Earl, our herbal rendition of the classic Earl Grey tea, until June 30th! Visit us is person at the teashop, shop online, or stop in this Saturday at the Duncan Farmers Market. 

This tisane is delicately fruity and tangy with a full-mouth flavour and a gently layered savoury sweetness. The Rooibos provides an earthy, almost woodsy foundation, with a lightly sweet finish reminiscent of vanilla bean. Rooibos is produced from the Aspalathus linearis shrub, also known as “red bush.” The plant is native to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. Once plucked and collected, the needles are processed into a tisane.

Bright citrus notes from both the true Italian pure Oil of Bergamot and zest of orange peel uplift this steep. The crisp citrus compliments the Rooibos to pull a greater depth of flavour from the tisane base.

A classic Earl Grey tone is certainly present, but offered from a new perspective with an infusion that is a beautiful red-amber and can be enjoyed any time of day!

We hope you will enjoy our newest offering!

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