Our Tea

We hand blend original recipe teas and tisanes. We also grow and make Canadian terroir tea and source certified organic teas and ingredients from around the world – all to bring you the finest cup of tea you'll ever enjoy.

Blending & Sourcing

We aim both to preserve the intricate and age-old tea traditions of the tea world, while also experimenting with countless tastes, smells, and types of tea to create something new and unique. Combining different teas and herbs together for a blend is much like creating a special meal; The right amount of many different ingredients will result in a whole new look, steep, and flavour profile. The pure, organic-sourced spices and herbs that we use, exquisitely aromatic as nature intended, are essential in creating authentic and memorable experiences with every cup. We take pride in sourcing traditional (pure), organic, high-quality black teas from around the world to use in the finest blended teas you will find - each is made with our own unique recipes.

No artificial flavours are ever added to our teas, blends or otherwise. We believe in highlighting the unique personality of each individual tea, with our focus always pointing towards quality and taste. We are passionate about producing great blends that naturally combine into a delightful cup.

Westholme-Grown Teas

We honour millennia of tea making traditions and draw inspiration from our pacific northwest terroir to handcraft our single origin rare canadian teas.

The journey to the first Canadian tea began as an experiment in 2010, planting 200 Camellia sinensis seedlings on the south-facing slopes of the farm. The young plants survived the first deep freeze of winter, and have since thrived in the local climate. Another 400 plants were added in 2014 and 200 more in 2015. Our Cowichan Valley commercial tea garden is the first in Canada to produce a limited harvest, single origin, hand processed organic terroir tea.