Our Tea

Welcome to Westholme Tea Company

We are importers of pure organic loose-leaf teas and herbs

We are blenders of artisanal organic teas and tisanes

We are purveyors of functional teaware and ceramic art

We are growers and makers of rare Canadian terroir tea


Our Imported Pure Teas

Since Westholme's beginning, Margit and Victor have worked to build long-lasting and reliable relationships with professional tea connoisseurs, sourcers, and tea estates around the world. The pure teas that we import are the finest  we can find, and always certified organic where possible (non-organic teas will always be labeled as such, and replaced when we find a good source for a similar certified organic tea). These pure teas are all true testaments to the terroirs and traditions of tea-growing regions around the world, and are also the teas we use in our artisanal blends.


Our Artisanal Tea + Tisane Blends

Westholme Tea Company aims both to preserve the intricate and age-old tea traditions of the tea world, while also experimenting with countless tastes, smells, and types of tea to create something new and unique. We take pride in importing traditional (pure), organic, high-quality teas and spices. These teas and spices are sourced from certified organic estates and farms around the world. These we sell in their pure form, or use them in our unique, hand-blended tea and tisane recipes - the highest quality organic blends you will find.

Combining different organic teas and herbs together for a blend is much like creating a special meal; the right amount of many different ingredients will result in a whole new look, steep, and flavour profile. The pure, organic-sourced spices and herbs that we use, exquisitely aromatic as nature intended, are essential in creating authentic and memorable experiences with every cup.

No artificial flavours or "natural" flavour enhancers are ever added to our teas, blends or otherwise. We believe in highlighting the unique personality of each individual tea and herb, with our focus always on quality and taste. We are passionate about producing great blends that naturally combine into a delightful cup.


Our Canadian-Grown Westholme Terroir Teas

Our journey to the first release of Westholme's Canadian-grown tea began as an experiment in 2010, when we planted 200 Camellia sinensis seedlings on the south-facing slopes of the Westholme farm. The young plants survived their first deep freeze, and have since rooted, acclimated and thrive in our local Cowichan Valley micro-climate. Another 400 plants were added in 2014, and 200 more in 2015.

Westholme's organic, commercial tea-growing operation is the First in Canada to ever produce (and continue producing) single-origin, hand-processed Canadian terroir teas.

We honour millennia of tea making traditions to handcraft each of our single-origin, limited harvest Canadian teas. We are so proud to be able to taste the earth that has sustained Westholme Tea Company, and cannot wait to offer these beautiful, rare tea experiences to the world.