Our Story


Tea represents how we are connected to the landscape and to each other. For centuries, tea has been as ceremonial and ritual as it is personal. This drink has a unique power to heal, transform and soothe. Our teas enhance these experiences by creating space to breathe and find balance in busyness. Whether you’re creating that space for peace in solitude or community, tea is a celebration of the moment.

For thousands of years, the tradition of tea has been closely tied to place. At Westholme, we believe that pure tea remains the most authentic, flavourful expression of the weather, the soil, the slope, and the history of where it was grown.

Margit and Victor planted their first tea bushes in 2010, adding to their business of importing fine organic teas, blending original recipe teas and tisanes, and creating hand-made ceramics to accompany each unique flavour.

After a decade of passionate work, they have become the first (and only) Commercial Organic Tea Grower in Canada producing a rare terroir tea

To honour the history and geography of the land on which they work, the Westholme Tea Company was named after the valley where the tea garden is planted on Vancouver Island, and where Victor and Margit have grown tea culture in Canada for nearly a decade.

We hope you enjoy every sip of your experience with us.