What is International Tea Day?

What is International Tea Day?

 May 21st, 2024 marks the 19th International Tea Day!

In 2005, a group of tea workers from India got together and created International Tea Day. The idea behind the group (and the day) was to share the plight of tea workers and to shed more light on the industry and its work force.


As the tea industry continues to experience tremendous growth, it is important that traditions, quality and meaning are not lost.The living environments are often substandard and the wages extremely low.

Now in its nineteenth year, the purpose of International Tea Day remains the same.

When we as tea consumers are better informed about the origins of our favourite beverage we can demand improved situations and salaries within the industry. When we purchase organic tea we support a healthier living and work environment for thousands of tea pickers worldwide.

On Tuesday May 21st, we invite you to celebrate International Tea Day by enjoying a cup of your favourite tea, purchasing a Westholme estate tea or blend to support workers in major tea growing regions and learning more about the rich history of tea.

To learn more, visit the UN article on International Tea Day here!

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