10 / 10 / 2020 EVENT

10 / 10 / 2020 EVENT


Exciting News! It's our 10th Year of growing Canadian Tea!

To celebrate, we are permanently re-opening the Gallery at Westholme, and launching a brand-new limited Canadian Black Tea (#10 Reserve) during a staggered event.

How it works...

To make sure all of our supporters can participate near and far, and to be sure to avoid crowds, the event has both virtual and physical elements, and takes place over several days. A reminder that there is still No Tea Service!

Every day for 10 days (October 10th - October 20th) there will be:

- A new, limited selection of ceramics released Online and In-Store
- A new, limited supply of #10 Reserve - Black Tea released Online and In-Store
- A new Social Media Giveaway and In-Store Raffle
- A final prize on October 20th

If you can't make it...

Don't worry!

- Our Gallery is being permanently re-opened, with fresh clay works, teas and accessories coming out in time for the Holidays, both Online and In-Store!
- Our other Canadian Teas are still available!
- We will be launching Holiday Gift Sets soon!


The Westholme Team

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