In Celebration of International Tea Day

In Celebration of International Tea Day
This week we have been out plucking our first flush of tea leaves in the Westholme Tea Garden. We have been thinking about the hands all across the world – in China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Rwanda and so many more regions – who pluck tea everyday. We are thinking about how the tea we choose to pour in our everyday cup matters.

At this same time, we have been receiving spring harvested teas from all around the world. Our team gets to taste teas harvested by hands on the other side of the world, and then taste teas harvested by our own hands here.

We are not just growing tea, but a deeper reverence for the traditions of tea and cycles of nature that connect us to the landscape and to each other.

Honouring tea farmers everywhere, Happy International Tea Day from the Westholme Team.

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