Aroma Cups + Studio/Gallery Update

Aroma Cups + Studio/Gallery Update

My introduction into the world of tea began years ago after a necessary break from coffee. At the time, I was living in Spain, and although coffee is a more traditional beverage there, Barcelona offered a perfect variety of fascinating tea shops that allowed me a glimpse into the world of tea. I loved exploring all the different tea styles and traditions - my curiosity about tea started to bloom into a life-long passion.

I have since continued my tea explorations, both in the tea itself and the wide varieties of implements for its enjoyment. I delight in creating cups and bowls as part of my studio practice. My intention is always to create pieces that add to the experience of tea drinking to make this daily ritual special. Throughout the vast history of tea, tea ware has continued to evolve and change, with innovations for enhancing the flavour profile, the aroma, the preparation, and the art of many different styles of tea. 

The Fragrance Cup is said to have been invented in the 1970's in Taiwan as a way to further integrate appreciation of the aroma of tea into tea drinking, and to bolster the consumption of locally-grown teas. Aroma or Fragrance Cups are now often used by tea growers, tea connoisseurs and tea importers to help taste and grade teas and aid in writing tasting notes and descriptors, especially for high-quality Oolong and Green teas.

I have made these aroma cup sets for everyone from the seasoned tea drinker to the new, curious consumer. It's a way to to enhance your daily tea rituals with something decorative, handmade and functional, without purchasing an entire Pinming teacup set for a Gongfu Tea Ceremony. These cups are meant for everyday, casual use, but fit into preexisting tea sets with an eclectic flare.

I hope you enjoy.

Made in white stoneware and incised with different designs.

~ Margit Nellemann



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