BACK IN STOCK :: Gopaldhara 'Moondrop' Darjeeling

BACK IN STOCK :: Gopaldhara 'Moondrop' Darjeeling

For those of you who missed out the first time around, we managed to source a bit more of the Gopaldhara 'Moondrop' Darjeeling SFTGFOP - Spring Flush 2020!

It has been an incredibly rare discovery, and we count ourselves lucky. Much of the Darjeeling harvest this Spring was affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and lock-down in India, so finding Darjeeling Teas harvested this season has been very difficult.

The aroma of fresh-plucked sweet grasses weave delicate floral notes throughout this tea. This bright freshness translates to the palate of the steep as well, which is full-mouthed in its clear, soft texture and flavour. The tea stays shy of a biting stringency, instead building to a pleasant copper linger along the sides of the tongue.

Non-Organic / Harvested Spring 2020

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