Back in Stock! Traditional Teas...

Back in Stock! Traditional Teas...

Buttery + bright. True to its name, invokes a sense of honeycomb in the cup. Clear copper notes blend with a light sweetness, reminiscent of candied plum. Hints of aged tobacco + molasses deepen the steep and enrich the aroma that lingers in the bottom of the empty cup. A delicate orchid linger remains on the tongue.

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BEN SHAN (Mountain Source) OOLONG
The first steep bursts with aromas of a fresh arrangement of spring florals. THe texture is soft and lush. Once steeped the rolled leaf opens as if it were once again fresh tea. Flavours are layered with apricots and honeysuckle nectar. Subsequent steeps bring out varied delicately sweet petal and stonefruit flavours.

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The aroma of a fresh baked leavened loaf meets the nose - a sweet + savoury warmth. The mouth is unique to say the least: the taste is reminiscent of a barnyard; scent of a forest floor after a rainstorm; earthy; mushroomy - all have been offered in pursuit of an apt descriptor for this pressed nugget of ripe fermented tea.

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