CAFE OF THE WEEK :: Foglifter

CAFE OF THE WEEK :: Foglifter
The folks of Foglifter Coffee Roasters have been longtime Cowichan Valley residents who delight in all our community has to offer an active family of four. After over 2 decades in the retail coffee industry in Vancouver (most recently with Bean Around the World) they craved more autonomy over what they were serving and this led them to dedicate their full energy to the art of roasting coffee, which they do in small batches in Shawnigan Lake.

We love their passion for coffee because it looks similar to our passion for tea! Buoyed by innovative producers tending generations-old farms as well as seasoned, meticulous coffee importers crisscrossing the globe, they work to bring you the finest coffees - roasted in the style they prefer. Their motto is coffee shouldn't just be good, it should do good. On either side of the counter and at both ends of shipments, neighbourly endeavours are priority.

Their new cafe is now open! Find them serving their coffee + our Westholme tea on the corner of Main & 20th in East Van.

6:00 am - 6:00 pm Weekdays
7:00 am - 6:00 pm Weekends

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