CAFÉ OF THE WEEK : Switchboard Café

CAFÉ OF THE WEEK : Switchboard Café
Switchboard Café is co-owned and operated by couple Becka and Ryan Heck, who moved to Salt Spring Island from central Alberta. Previously called Talia Café, it was renamed in 2019 to reflect the building’s history, which once housed the Island’s telephone switchboard in the 1930’s. Playing with this theme of connection and communication, the building is now used to bring people together in an even MORE old-fashioned way: over hot cups of delicious coffee or tea, and a fresh baked good or two.


A selection of our teas are served on their menu, and they are currently open for patio seating and take-out orders everyday (except Tuesday) from 9am - 3pm. There is also an attached retail space for all sorts of artisanal gifts on a rotating basis at the Switchboard Café Shed which is always worth checking out!
122 Hereford Ave, Salt Spring Island, BC
Wed-Mon : 9am to 3pm

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