Celebrating Nowruz with a Cup of Persia

Celebrating Nowruz with a Cup of Persia
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In 2008, Persia was the very first tea blend to be crafted at Westholme, inspired by Iranian tea culture and Nowruz: the vibrant holiday of new beginnings.
Share a cup of Persia to celebrate Nowruz, The Persian New Year, and to celebrate this time of renewal + rebirth we are welcoming as Spring approaches.
Nowruz is based on the Solar calendar, beginning with the Spring Equinox, when the sun crosses the equator and day + night are equal in length.

The word Nowruz is a combination of Persian words نو now – meaning "new" – and روز ruz – meaning "day"... Nowruz, the Equinox, and the ancient roots of Tea inspires us to honour the cycles of nature and to live with the seasons.

We created a tea blend suited to daily drinking that lends well to any time of day – like we observe in Persian tea culture.

Persia has a deep, rich and ancient tea culture, pre-dating the rise of many of the world's oldest religions. In Persia, tea is often served with both morning and afternoon meals as well as to guests and neighbours throughout the day.
The traditional blend of aromatic black tea leaves with Saffron has been re-imagined by swapping Saffron for Lavender and bringing together refreshing Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon black teas with Oil of Bergamot.

Persia offers a gentle, earthy citrus scent that builds in sweetness as it sits in the cup. This tea has a gentle muscatel on the tip of the tongue, with a pleasant astringency that curbs into soft notes of lavender and bergamot. The cup is pleasantly complex, crisp, and completely refreshing.

Persia is distinct from our Classic Earl and our Black Lavender blends by offering a cup where both the lavender and the bergamot are softer and more subdued, flowing harmoniously together in the background of the tea.

Here's to honouring tea culture all around the world and marking the seasonal shifts with a cup of fine tea!

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