Embarking on an Advent(ure): Advents Are Shipping!

Embarking on an Advent(ure): Advents Are Shipping!

We have received word that our Advents are shipping with no delays (locally, across BC and even to Eastern Canada and the States). 

There is still time for a 2021 Advent(ure) yet!

The initial inspiration to create an Advent is actually credited to one of our customers. Several years ago, one of our youngest tea enthusiasts asked his mother if they could create an Advent from Westholme Tea. From this, the Advent(ure) was born!

Below are some answers to common questions we have received...

What is in each Advent(ure)?

  • 23 Tins packed with a years supply of our favourite organic loose leaf teas and tisanes
  • 1 Stainless Steel Strainer for keeping loose-leaf steeping simple
  • 1 Colourful booklet with tea facts, steeping instructions, tea-inspired recipes and more to guide you through this unique tea experience

Why a Tea Advent(ure)?

  • A wonderful way to discover tea traditions from all around the globe through different tastes, aromas, textures, and leaf colours, as well as an informative booklet
  • Invite warmth and comfort of a healing beverage and ritual into your home through high-quality organic teas and tisanes each day of advent (and enough to last well beyond)
  • Discover new favourites, share with friends, use to decorate your home or your tree, and discover wintery tea-inspired recipes to wow your holiday guests

How much tea is in your Advent(ure)?

  • Each tin contains between 12 - 30g of tea. Based on the industry standard of 2g (1tsp) of tea per cup (250ml) of water this translates to 365+ cups of tea (or many many teapots)
  • Re-steeps bring this number closer to 500 cups of tea! Some included pure teas offer up to 10 re-steeps.
  • Enough to share with the whole family or have enough tea to revisit several times over the new year. 

And what tea exactly comes in your Advent(ure)?

  • White, Black, Green, Pu-erh, and Oolong teas as well as a selection of soothing herbals
  • We have selected from our original house recipe blends, exquisite limited-harvest rare imported pure teas, AND a little something from the slopes of our tea garden

How does the Advent(ure) work?

  • Each artisanal loose-leaf tea and tisane is packed into a beautiful reusable small gold tin and then placed inside an individual hand-stamped and numbered kraft box. You can arrange the boxes into fun stacked shapes, place around the house for a daily Advent tea hunt, or keep it neatly in the box. Whatever you do, have fun with it!
  • Discover a new tea everyday and explore!

If any questions remain unanswered, please let us know!

Order Your 2021 Advent(ure)!


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