First Spring Harvest of Canadian Tea : PRE-SALE!

First Spring Harvest of Canadian Tea : PRE-SALE!

We are thrilled to inform you that we have begun plucking the first tea leaves of 2023 in the Westholme Tea Garden. As we have shared before, we always wait for tea to inform us when the time is right to begin harvesting…so we thank you for your enthusiasm and patience in waiting for the arrival of these first leaves.


Today, we are opening our Canadian Tea Pre-Sale!


Pre-Ordering Canadian Tea means that we make the tea for your order – so you are guaranteed that you will receive the freshest leaves (made within the same week you receive it!) before it sells out.


When placing your Pre-Order, please know that any additional items you might choose to purchase at the same time will be held until your full order is complete. We anticipate 2-3 weeks before our first teas will be finished and ready to find their way to you. 


Thank you for your support of what we do here at Westholme + for helping us to grow the love of tea!


The Pre-Sale includes our very First Flush of:

Tree Frog Green

White Mist

Heron’s Wake


Please note, the tasting notes provided on our website are from last years harvest. They likely will vary slightly this year, and we will be updating them once we have made each tea! 

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