Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Nature offers us many lessons and Tea invites us to come the table, to pause and to listen.

Tea represents how we are connected to the landscape and to each other. Tea reminds us of our interdependence. The nature of the tea plants - that grow in our garden and that grow in many regions around the globe - help us to realize that Mother Nature needs us just as much as we need Her. Tea has a unique power to heal, transform and soothe - plant based wisdom exists in the form of a cup of tea. For thousands of years, the tradition of tea has been closely tied to place. At Westholme, we believe that pure tea remains the most authentic, flavourful expression of the weather, the soil, the slope, and the history of where it was grown. One of the ways to connect with nature is to drink tea - from tea companies that understand this interdependence and reciprocity that exists between humans and Nature.

No matter where you find yourself, Nature is always accessible to you in a simple cup of tea. May we all raise our tea cups today (and everyday) to the abundance, intelligence, and longevity of our Mother Earth. May we honour and heed the lessons of nature. May we accept the invitations nature offers for us to remember our true nature and reimagine our societies, infrastructural and agricultural systems to become truly supportive of well-being for all Earth beings.

 ~ Happy Earth Day from the Westholme Team

Ceramic globe handbuilt by Margit.

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