Have You Met Alice Yet?

Have You Met Alice Yet?

When one sips a cup of good tea, the mind may become free to wander elsewhere…We have crafted a cup to send you to Wonderland.

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Alice in Wonderland is a blend of fine, carefully selected aromatic black teas. During a time when we have been challenged to source the teas we have traditionally loved, our journey to find new perfect teas has resulted in travelling down one of the many loopy rabbit holes we can often find ourselves in here at Westholme…and leading us to craft new stately black blends. The cup offers subtle notes of vanilla, spice and sweet grass. There is little to no astringency. The linger is gentle and refreshing.

Find Alice in Wonderland here.

This tea was inspired by our beloved + popular tea blend: Mad Hatter. Once again we have drawn inspiration from the classic Lewis Carroll novel, the fun and festivities of extravagant Mad Hatter tea parties we used to host in our Tea Garden, and from the new teas we have found along the journey which have quickly become favourites.


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