:: Invest in your Local Growers ::

:: Invest in your Local Growers ::

:: Invest in your Local Growers :: 

 We all know that the global economy is suffering because of the pandemic. But the level to which our local economies has been affected continues to develop – we don’t yet know which of our shops and farms will have their doors and gates permanently closed as this difficult time continues. 

Small farms and businesses across this province and beyond have been working hard to harvest their goods and make them available to the community. But while there has been a collective national push to Support Local Economies and Shop Local, so many local producers are not seeing enough of this income to be sustainable. 

It is so, so important to come together and support each other as a community around this problem, now and always. We wanted to take the time to let you know about an excellent way to help in the Cowichan Valley, simply by changing your shopping habits! 

The Cow-Op 

The Cow-Op is a co-operative of 70+ farmers, food and beverage producers, and vendors in the Cowichan Valley, of which we are a member.


Through the website, sign-up for free and fill your basket from hundreds of vegetables, baked goods, meats, cheeses, (and tea!) online – your groceries are selected and put together for pick-up in Duncan and Victoria locations on Thursdays, or delivered straight to your door! 

We cannot recommend their services enough.

It is so easy and convenient, contact-less, incredibly fresh, and the money goes directly to the local producers of your food.

As we learn to continue moving forward in this ever-changing world, we are doing our best to take our community with us, and invite you to join us in doing the same.


Much love,

The Westholme Team

title photo credit : Element Photo Co.

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