It's Chai Time

It's Chai Time

Did you know?
When we say "chai tea," essentially we are saying "tea tea."


When tea plantations were first established in India under British Imperialism, the prices were too high for locals. So, any tea leaves that were available were cooked with traditional spices, fresh milk and sugar to make tea more affordable. This created Chai, and Chai is the way that tea culture became adopted and woven into the vibrant fabrics of Indian culture.

Today Chai merchants, called Chaiwalas, dot Indian streets all through the country. Chai stalls are hubs for socialization - all ages and backgrounds gather to exchange ideas. Chai is a welcoming conversation starter in India. no matter the season, or location one is in India, Chai will be served hot.


The word Masala refers to the spice mixture that creates Chai.
Masala dates back millennia, originating from traditional Ayurveda practices of using herbs for healing.

The contents of Masala depend on a few factors: the destined use of the spices (a curry dish, a spiced tea, a dessert, etc), the state or region, and even the family. There is no set recipe for a proper masala mixture.

Pure Spice is our very own Westholme version of a Masala spice blend, inspired by Indian traditions.

Our unique recipes are all our own original creations + are hand blended in-house...Inspired by the stories + ingredients that contribute to the most excellent cups of Chai...with a Westholme twist.


We went through several spice combinations before we settled on this recipe. It cooks well, steeps well, and is amazing on its own or combined with milk (or milk alternative) and honey. We use Assam CTC, the cut tea leaves of which are ideal for boiling – the traditional way of making Chai, though can make a delightful cup using standard Western brewing methods as well.


Calm and earthy nettle leaf, brisk yellow lemon peel and zesty lemon verbena combine with a gentle tally of warming masala spices. Has a 'piquant' ginger finish.


A balance of earthiness, zestiness and a delictible spice. The cardamom and cinnamon add the subtlest sweetness. This tisane can be enjoyed on its own, or cooked on the stove with milk to create a golden chai beverage.


This green blend highlights a balance between classic warm comfort and graceful refreshment. Flavourful and uplifting Gunpowder green tea with a refreshing additional of citrus peel, the cup is fragrant and smooth. Also known as Monkey in our Chinese Zodiac collection.


Rooibos is a naturally sweet and full-mouthed steep - mixed with a combination of masala spices, this rich herbal chai finds a comfortable equilibrium between sweetness and spice. Also known as Rooster in our Zodiac collection.


We have taken a roasted Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) a plant native to subtropical Paraguay and blended with Masala spices. The flavour of this roasted Yerba is reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa nibs, with a warm herbal character on the linger. Alongside the natural sweetness and complexities of the Masala, cocoa  notes are enhanced and smoothed on the palate.

For The Purist..

A mélange of spices, this versatile tisane can be steeped and enjoyed as-is, or cooked with milk, to create a herbal chai. Swirl with honey or a touch of maple syrup. This blend can also be used as a mulling spice to add a little depth and interest to juice, cider or wine during the cooler months. Excellent to add to a seasonal cooking or baking. Pure Spice is also included in our Autumn Wellness Set


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