Join us for a Guided Tea Tasting...

Join us for a Guided Tea Tasting...
Visit the Tea Garden for this group tea tasting workshop + educational experience steeped in nature!
Our Tea Tasting Workshops include...
- Sample Limited Harvest rare teas sourced from small tea gardens around the world
- Learn the basics of different steeping methods for high quality teas, discover the anatomy of a tea plant, walk away with an understanding of some of the jargon of tea tasting
- Discover what makes the world of tea so unique and why the tea plant is revered in many different cultures around the world
- An opportunity to get to know the preferences of your palate and learn to discern what types of tea may best suit your tastes and lifestyle ... explore the practical and the ceremonial
- Hear some of the stories of tea + lesser known aspects of tea history
Lots of space for questions!
Pairing of light sweets included.
Pre-book here.
Please contact us at if you have any questions.
We are looking forward to sharing tea with you!

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