May at Westholme Tea Company

May at Westholme Tea Company

Join us for our very first Tea Tour Experience of the year on Sunday, May 26th

We invite you to  e x p e r i e n c e  tea at Westholme through our Tea Tour + Tasting.
Join the Tea Maker (Victor Vesely) and the Westholme Team on a guided tour + taste of the Westholme Tea Garden, the first commercial Tea Garden in Canada, where we grow Camellia sinensis for our rare Canadian terroir tea.
What is included ::
  • A walk up the slopes for a full 'behind the scenes' tour of the Tea Garden
  • Meet the Tea Maker + the Westholme Team as they share their perspectives on tea, tea growing and teawares
  • Steeps of the freshest Canadian Tea to taste the Cowichan terroir
  • Steeps of fresh + famous Tea from well established traditional terroir
  • Organic + local sweet treats to pair with each steep
  • 10% savings on the extensive tea selection within shop at the end of your tour
  • An opportunity to gather alongside other members of our tea community: from the casual drinkers, to the curious, & the connoisseurs.
Please note ::
  • Tours must be pre-booked
  • Each individual guest must have pre-booked their spot on the tour. We have the capacity to accommodate up to 10 guests per tour.
  • This experience is not suitable for children under the age of 10, or those who are unable to stay engaged + participate for the full 2 hour duration of the Tour + Tasting. Children are considered guests, and must have secured a ticket for their seat. The Westholme property is an active farm, and children must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety. 
  • Each tour begins at 9:30am sharp and will run until approximately 11am.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear for walking on the tea garden slopes. Please alert us in advance if you have any accessibility needs or require certain accommodations.
  • You will be sent an e-mail noting further details close to your chosen date.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. 


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