New Arrivals!

New Arrivals!

White Monkey

A gentle and nutty sweetness unfolds due to the high count of white buds. A subtle dew-drops-on-petal perfume rises with the steam. The steep offers a delicate buttery and toasty rice flavour, accompanied by a rich vegetal nectar. It is belly-warming, satisfying and offers a beautiful everyday cup. Will compliment sweet or savory dishes. Short steepings highlight the more delicate, sweet and lush notes. Thirst quenching, with a green sweetness that lingers pleasantly and keeps inviting you back.

Nectar - Buttery - Nutty - Toasted Rice - Lush - Vegetal - Belly Warming - Satisfying - Relaxing - Gentle Rolling Sweetness - Complex - Aromatic

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Taiwan Jasmine Oolong

The fragrance and flavours of Jasmine glides along with the naturally floral character of the Ti Kwan Yin Oolong. The Jasmine flower taste is subtle and never overpowering, yet remains satisfyingly present - even in a second steeping. The Oolong tea base is creamy and fresh, balancing freshness and delicate roasted notes. Overall a soothing and ethereal steep.

Creamy - Balanced - Vegetal - Baked - Floral - Soothing - Gentle Rounded Sweetness - Complex - Highly Aromatic

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