New Arrivals: White, Black, Puerh and Oolong

New Arrivals: White, Black, Puerh and Oolong


Ben Shan Oolong:
A soft and lush Ti Kwan Yin style presenting notes of apricots and honeysuckle nectar. Subsequent steeps bring out the varied delicately sweet petal and stonefruit flavors of this mountain varietal. Truly a diverse oolong, this tea would pair well with many dishes - savory or sweet. Ben Shan translates to "Source Mountain" and was harvested in the third week of April 2021.

Black Cloud: This tea exemplifies China’s small rural tea farm culture. Grown from a slow growing local Camellia sinensis cultivar that requires a skillful hand in processing, this tea is not widely offered in the tea industry. Varietal specific tasting notes are brought forward in the hand crafting: balanced notes of toasty, sweet, malty, fruity and vegetal are woven together for a beautiful steep.

Sheng Pu-erh (Cake): This raw or “green” Pu-erh was plucked by the hands of the Wa people. Pu-erh is the only tea that uses microbial fermentation to age the leaves. This creates a range of unique flavours to be enjoyed. The “freshness” of the leaves have been preserved in this cake, although they continues to ferment and develop. A robust and lively steep with aromatic fruit blossom perfume and notes of peat and metallic earth

Shou Pu-erh (Cake): This ripe or “cooked” Pu-erh was plucked by hand and processed by steaming and stacking to ferment and "age" the leaf.  The cup is rich, almost buttery, comforting and never astringent with deep and complex sweet earthy flavours.

Silver Needles: A remarkable and traditional Chinese tea that requires exceptional skill in plucking, handling and processing. The sight and aroma of the tender dried buds indicates masterful work. A smooth, silky and savoury cup with a dominant herbaceous sweetness that captures the essence of the early Spring 2021 harvest.

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