NEW: B+W No Label Reserve

NEW: B+W No Label Reserve

A Limited Edition Seasonal Release...

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B+W is from the Westholme Tea Maker's Reserve: A No Label Limited Edition blend of Black + White teas grown, hand-plucked and hand-processed on the slopes of Westholme in 2022. A truly unique tea experience. Available in very limited quantities.

A Note From the Tea Maker: "The inspiration for this tea came out of some experimental tea making. I was exploring possibilities to change how I craft our signature White and Black teas. The cathartic moment was the idea and then process that followed to combine new versions of both tea styles together - and create something entirely new." - Victor

Tasting Notes: A dark and toasty hazelnut malt is balanced by a graceful, lush and mildly sweet broken leaf white tea that encapsulates the essence of our West Coast terroir.

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