New: Dan Cong Oolongs

New: Dan Cong Oolongs

In China and Taiwan, Oolong teas are highly revered. Oolongs are also the most intricate teas to produce. While the teas certainly do look beautiful, the leaves alone cannot foretell of the beauty of the full experience of truly well-crafted Oolong teas.

Dan Cong Oolongs are picked from specific strains of old tea trees that live among the 5 connecting peaks of the Phoenix Mountain range in Guangdong Province.

Each tree and the resulting tea that comes from its leaves are named for its "fragrance." Each group of fragrances are the result of the characteristics of the trees and the environment: growth habits, soil, elevation, aspect, tending practices, climate and so on. 

The skill of the tea maker is showcased in Dan Cong Oolongs: the slow roasting bring out the rich character, honeyed liquor, deep tantalizing flavours of fruit, florals, nuts, and the abundant aromas.

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