New Tea Tour Experience

New Tea Tour Experience

In this new season of Westholme we find ourselves considering where we are in our tea journey. Through our small tea garden and our big aims to provide a home for a diversity of tea cultures, we hope to connect more people with excellent and unique tea experiences that contribute to connecting people more with their own tea journey.

For thousands of years tea has been an invitation to connect with nature, with self, and with community. Now we would like to invite you to a new experience of tea at Westholme.


We are excited to announce this new invitation to come for tea!

Our unique tea tour experience provides...

A guided tour of the Westholme Tea Estate where we grow Camellia sinensis for our rare Canadian tea


An opportunity to taste our garden grown tea + some of our favourite tea grown in tea gardens on other continents


One of Margit's handbuilt ceramic tea tasting cups to bring home for continued enjoyment


A chance to learn more about the evolution of Westholme Tea Company, the 5000 year history of tea worldwide, tea farming, the terroir of the Cowichan Valley, and consider where your tea journey might take you next!

Tours must be prebooked between July 15th and September 5th. 

We are looking forward to sharing tea with you!

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