RETAILER OF THE WEEK: Longtable Grocery

RETAILER OF THE WEEK: Longtable Grocery

Located in Quesnel, BC, on unceded territory of the Lhtako Dene nation, Longtable is committed to growing community through food. Their business operates and makes decisions based on the permaculture ethics of "Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share.” They offer a plethora of services and products - including our Westholme teas! However what they have to offer is more than just grocery-related and continues to evolve. All they do aims to increase the local food economy, create supportive employment opportunities and bolster other local businesses and charities. Longtable Grocery is deeply committed to partnering with local organizations to increase access to healthy local food for all.

Be sure to check out their incredible website for inspiration and information on their market, catering and consulting services and products. If you ever find yourself in Quesnel, you know who you will be paying a visit! They also deliver to Williams Lake, Hixon, McLease Lake and Wells.

Open: Wed - Fri 11am-5pm & Sat 11am-3pm
Address: 141 Marsh Drive Quesnel, BC


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