Seasonal Favourites: Recommendations from the Westholme TEAm

Seasonal Favourites: Recommendations from the Westholme TEAm

1. Hojicha

Hojicha is a roasted, warming green tea, traditional to Japan, that brings together both stem and leaf of the tea plant. It contains lower levels of caffiene since it utilizes the roasted stems and twigs. A splendid combination that although it falls into the category of green teas, expands the senses beyond any notion of what most associate as green tea. Hojicha is truly in a class by itself.

2. Green Silk / Pig

A delightful treat that combines Hojicha green tea, rose petals + vanilla. Pure ingredients - combined in perfect ratio - this roasted tea hints at a hot cacao - and is just as comforting + heart warming.

3. White Peony

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives: White teas are excellent for winter because they are deeply nourishing + supportive for the Yin energy and essence. Winter is the time for restoring Yin. White Peony is a perfectly white tea for staying cozy in the winter.

4. Big Snow Mountain

Our TEAm at Westholme has been pouring over many cups of Big Snow this holiday season. We adore our teas from Yunnan here at Westholme, and the beauty of this particular tea is the craftsmanship of one particular family-owned tea garden in Yunnan. An excellent everyday steep for solo sessions, or for sharing...either way it is perfect for re-steeping.

5. Holiday Spice / Pure Spice

This herbal Masala Chai is our December feature (save 10% until the end of the month!) that is perfect on its own...or useful for a host of festive culinary applications!

6. Rwanda Pekoe

A fine breakfast tea. Bold and robust with a delightful warm + welcoming character. Stands up to milk + honey ...this tea is often used in blends, and we personally enjoy the single origin Central-East African terroir of Rwanda on its own.

7. Black Mint / Rat

A lively combination of mint leaves + tea leaves for which we have drawn from North African tea culture. A must-try if you enjoy either mint or black tea! Plus a perfect combination to enjoy as a dessert tea.

8. Black Cardamom / Dog

Another superb treat...when you enjoy this rich and satisfying tea you won't need any treats to accompany your tea time...tea time becomes the treat itself! Pure ground vanilla bean and the warmth of cardamom spices combine in an exacted ratio with complimentary black teas.

9. Fireside

A sweet + smokey blend ...perfect for sitting 'round the winter hearth...or for sharing in nostalgic memories of summer campfires gone by.

10. Red Moon / Goat

A herbal blend with a bright red + rosey disposition. An evening steep of pure herbs to soothe and restore.

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