Spring Wellness

Spring Wellness

So You've Heard of Seasonal Eating...Have You Heard of Seasonal Sipping?

At Westholme, we care about the whole tea drinking experience – the taste, the culture, the source, the stories, and pure enjoyment in every cup.

We also know that for over 5000 years tea has been utilized as a medicine.

Tea has been part of holistic advancement of well-being and counteraction of illness since ancient times. Did you know that there used to be doctors who worked only with the tea plant? 

While we certainly are not herbal doctors or clinical herbalists, we are tea drinkers. We can attest from our own experience (and testimonials of customers!) that there are many benefits in the right cup. 

Recent scientific and technological abilities to isolate constituents and explain molecular level mechanics of ancient and traditional knowledge systems can testify to the positive effects of a daily steep.


The Vernal Equinox + First Day of Spring is on March 20th.

This set has been curated for Wellness inspired by the beginning of the season of re-birth and new growth.

A delicious tea experience that brings together well-established findings of peer-reviewed scientific publications as well as millennia of tea drinking history and traditional medicine systems around the world.

The Spring Westholme Wellness Set includes...

Ben Shan (Mountain Source) Oolong Tea
Shou (Ripe) Pu-erh (Fermented) Tea
Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring) Green Tea
Westholme's Nettle Chai Blend

Just as wellness will look different for everyone, the supports we may need will look different through each seasonal cycle.

Aligned for this season this offering is balancing, gently energizing, calming, grounding, anti-allergenic, nourishing, circulating, highly nutritive, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, immune-boosting, gently detoxifying + cleansing, pro-biotic, digestive and carminative...with more to discover as well!

All around us nature has been gathering energy, preparing to push new grass through snow and mud, burst new branches from old wood, and release leaves from tightly held buds.  

Spring is an invitation to…

new ideas
moving forward
switching up old habits
making decisions
holding your vision
directing energy towards what you want to see
& creating hope for our future

Discover how a tea ritual can support you this season!


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