Surprise: Return of the Hatter

Surprise: Return of the Hatter

Much to our delight (and surprise!) we are welcoming a beloved friend back from the rabbit hole... In September MAD HATTER is our tea of the month.

In 2014 we hosted our first Mad Hatter tea party in our farm garden. This Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party featuring a bonanza of sweet delights, live music and the most outrageous hats and outfits became a huge success and an annual event in our tea garden.

We created a tea blend to accompany the fun and wacky event and our Mad Hatter tea was born. This delicious tea quickly became a dear favourite.

For nearly a year now we have been sharing about our challenges to source certain teas for our precise recipes, and how our journey to find new perfect teas has been an opportunity to refresh our recipes and welcome new favourites. During this time we created a new inspired blend: Alice in Wonderland. And we must say, a tea party is much better with a Alice will remain alongside our friend the Hatter.

Mad Hatter is excellent on its own, or with a touch of milk and honey, several biscuits, cucumber sandwiches, a mountainous layered cake, some friends or two...How you choose to celebrate the return of the Hatter is up to you!

Warm - Rich - Smooth - Refreshing - Creamed Honey - Velvety - Toasted Sweet Grasses - Satisfying - Uplifting - Comforting

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