Tea Advent(ure) Day 13: Honey Orchid

Tea Advent(ure) Day 13: Honey Orchid

A staff favourite, which has recently come back into stock on our Teashop shelves...

Save 10% on Honey Orchid December 13th

This black tea is buttery and bright. True to its name, the steep invokes a sense of honeycomb in the cup. Clear copper notes blend with a light sweetness reminiscent of candied plum. Hints of aged tobacco and molasses deepen the steep, and enrich the aroma that lingers in the cup. There is a delicate floral linger on the tongue.

Large leaves that curl into enticing shades of rich gold buds and black leaves. The consistent sizing of the leaves lend well to drinking leaves in a bowl style. Grown at an elevation of 600m and harvested at the time of the Qing Ming holiday (which is commonly used as a measurement of time for Spring harvests in China) this tea is full of the flavour provided by nature.

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