Tea Advent(ure) Day 2: Island Breakfast

Tea Advent(ure) Day 2: Island Breakfast

What is a breakfast tea anyways? Breakfast teas are a blend of different types of black teas. This particular tea brings together tea leaves sourced from India, China and Sri Lanka. Generally breakfast teas are known for being bolder, because they are created with tea leaves which are 'broken' and this contributes the classic astringency that pairs well with milk and sugar.

We created the recipe for this delightful morning tea in an effort to overcome supply shortages, when we weren't able to blend our two in-house blends: Cowichan Breakfast and Black Breakfast.

Island Breakfast is a well-rounded breakfast tea: bold yet comforting. It holds the middle seat between our two other breakfast blends.

May this breakfast blend inspire all those who sip it to start their morning with the same perspective that led us to create it: ready to find the opportunity in any challenge. We thought our Advent should start with a tea that is worth getting out of bed for, even on those frosty winter mornings. 

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