Tea Advent(ure) Day 5: Guranse

Tea Advent(ure) Day 5: Guranse
With a topography similar to that of the Darjeeling region in India, Nepalese teas are brisk and floral, with a distinctive muscatel.
Although a very small country, Nepal hosts diverse landscapes, people, customs, cultures and languages. Nestled near the roof of the world, Nepal is home to the highest elevation tea gardens, including Guranse Tea Estate. Nepal is known worldwide for beautiful scenery, from lush tropical plains to snowcapped peaks of the majestic Himalayas. Nepal is lesser known for a range of exquisite and aromatic teas that can be likened to the famous Darjeeling.
This black tea offers fragrant notes of dried flower petals and warm grasses, which shifts into the tea’s flavour profile. With a consistent complexity the Himalyan terroir is known for, the lively rustic strength of the steep brings your palate to the edge of tartness without being forceful.

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